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Pligt Professionals – Driven by passion

Making people happy with a plant! That is the mission of Pligt Professionals. With craftsmanship and passion, this grower produces blooming surprises season after season. This time, we are putting Amorosa Line roses centre stage.

Amorosa Line symbolises love, happiness, joy and connectedness. This plant of love fills any living space with its glorious warmth and romantic appearance. Amorosa has been selected for its extremely large-flowered varieties, with a luxurious appearance and added emotion. A large part of the Amorosa Line roses consist of long lasting 'Infinity' varieties, of Danish origin. They are characterised by voluptuous buds, sturdy stems, majestic flowers and an exceptionally long flowering time. Since the roses of the Amorosa Line are hardy, they are suitable as garden roses as well.

Pligt Professionals is among the best in Europe when it comes to progressive, innovative and CSR-compliant cultivation. They hold the MPS-A, MPS GAP and MPS SQ quality marks and their nurseries adhere to the 'Green Label greenhouses' standards. For Pligt Professionals, CSR simply means doing business in an honest and humane way. Down to earth, but with passion.