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The hero among flowers

Majestic and impressive: what better way to describe the Gladiolus? This 'hero' shoots upward like a rocket from where it shows off a wide range of colours from late spring until well into autumn.

Death or the gladioli
The name for this plant was derived from the Latin word for 'sword': gladius. And a very apt name it is. The flower itself stands for strength, victory and pride. Traditionally, this goes all the way back to Roman times when gladiators in the arena actually fought to 'the death or the gladioli'. This saying came about because the winner of the fight was showered with these flowers. They are sometimes used even today in the world of sports.

A magnificent centrepiece in a vase
These victorious heroes proudly rise up above their surroundings. They stand tall and demand the attention, which they deserve. Even so, they can also be combined to great effect with other flowers such as hydrangeas, Solidago varieties and Sanguisorba officinalis. They take gladioli to even greater heights. You could repeat the same colours in an arrangement or create a multicoloured bouquet. Whatever you do with these heroic flowers, the result will be a magnificent centrepiece. 

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