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A feast for the eyes

When autumn arrives, most gardens are often a faded glory. But this doesn’t mean you have to look at bare branches right through to spring. There are lots of plants which will simply stand up to the cold, such as Brassica.

This garden plant, better known as the ‘ornamental cabbage’, actually gets a boost when the temperature drops to freezing!

You see, this ornamental cabbage, which you mustn’t confuse with the cabbages you find in the supermarket, is a true garden plant which adds a whimsical touch to any garden. It is, in fact, a relative of edible cabbages, such as cauliflower, broccoli and white cabbage. But unlike these vegetables, the ornamental cabbage does not exactly have a delicious taste. Nevertheless, when its decorative foliage gives the outdoor space a dynamic and intense colour in the autumn, it can instantly be forgiven.

Whereas many other plants have finished flowering in the autumn and look all miserable and sad during winter, the cooler temperatures enhance the Brassica’s colour. This ornamental plant will even survive night frost! Its thick, fleshy leaves with their wavy or rippled edge provide a unique colour to any autumn landscape. It makes a good addition to planters and pots but also when used as ground cover in a flower bed combined with other autumn and winter flowering plants. Simply stunning!

Looking for these ornamental cabbages? Check out our Brassica range below.