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A happy flower with numerous meanings

There isn’t a happier flower than the Chrysanthemum. Only looking at it makes us cheerful!

The symbolization of the Chrysanthemums in general is well-known, they express loyalty, happiness and longevity. But with so many types, it isn’t a surprise that all the colours mean something different. So enjoy the read and match your customers to the right colour.

Wit chrysant

The white Chrysanthemum directly makes it complicated since it represents two things, that are oceans apart. Some people say it’s a symbol of sympathy and remembrance, as white is generally seen as a sign of condolence. It conveys deepest sympathy when someone lost a loved one. But others rather believe that the white Chrysanthemum means purity, innocence, loyalty and honesty. This gives the flower more room to be an addition to any bouquet.

Rood chrysant

Red is worldwide known as the colour of love. So when your customer wants to surprise his or her love, but prefers something different than red roses, you could suggest a bouquet with red Chrysanthemums. The colour carries a sentiment of romantic love, strong feeling and deep passion. Perfect for any anniversary!






Kopie van Kopie van Wit chrysant

A pink Chrysanthemum is a great choice for a first date or a new love. Especially, because the flower spreads a feeling of attraction and romance. Additionally, the flower has a reputation of being ‘the happy flower’. But what’s happier than experiencing new love? 









Geel chrysant

Where a yellow Chrysanthemum used to express sorrow, it nowadays rather means happiness, joy and celebration. That makes sense, since the yellow flower bud and a smiley emoticon look quite similar, right? This makes it an excellent choice for a birthday celebration or as a medicine to cheer someone up.






Oranje chrysant

The orange Chrysanthemum exactly symbolizes what you would probably expect: a brimming and bubbly feeling of excitement. And since it’s an absolute no-go to arrive at a party empty-handed, this flower serves as a perfect gift for the host or hostess. There is no better flower when someone throws a Halloween party, if you’d ask us!

Kopie van Wit chrysant

With a relative being ill, the violet Chrysanthemum has the same effect as a fruit basket. Without the need of words, this flower passes a ‘get well soon’ message. Some people even believe that seeing a violet Chrysanthemum in their dream is a sign of healing! 



groen chrysant

One colour that’s always right, no matter the occasion, is the green Chrysanthemum. This flower carries many positive meanings: renewal, good fortune, good health and youthfulness! Spiritually minded people claim that when you see the flower, good things will happen. A thoughtful gift for anyone you care about!