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Delicate with a rough edge

With its tough but also gentle character, the blue thistle makes a striking plant when in bloom.

You're probably thinking: why gentle? Despite its prickly appearance, with its soft blue colour, the flower not only looks adorable but is even gentle to touch! Its fascinating appearance, therefore, makes this cut flower highly sought after for romantic occasions.

In a bouquet the thistle can easily be combined with virtually all cut flowers. As such, it goes with any colour range and adds another dimension with its star-shaped flower and long stem. This versatile bouquet filler is also the perfect ingredient for a long-lasting bouquet. No wonder it is so popular!

The appearance of the Eryngium is comparable with life. The soft flower centre stands for the ‘ups’ and the prickly foliage stands for the ‘downs’ we experience in life. And if you look at the language of the flowers and their meaning, the blue thistle symbolises wonder and awe. Not surprisingly because no matter how long or how often you look at this flower, it remains spectacular! This makes it a favourite in wedding bouquets. Combine it with a creamy white rose and eucalyptus, a perfect combination for a modern and rustic wedding theme. 

Take a look at our Eryngium range and add this flower to your next floral design.