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Ode to the houseplant

Plants have an enormous effect on the mood indoors! Now the outdoor season is slowly coming to an end, it’s time to get creative with houseplants.

One (or more) for every room; from the living and kitchen to the bathroom and study. Consider the podia and find the perfect artist!

Advise your customers to combine several plants, since the impact of multiple plants clustered in a group is bigger than three plants divided in a room. There is no right or wrong, as long as their location is considered. Keep it green or choose plants in spectacular colours, like the Aglaonema Cherry Baby, the Calathea Fusion White and the Philodendron Pink Princess. The plant’s colour chart is endless! Another way of combining the right plants together is by shape. Place the Alocasia Frydek, the Brighamia Hawaiian Palm and the Epipremnum ‘N Joy all together, et voila: ‘living designer items’ in the room. 

So shop the amazing plant designs for your store, and help your customers restyling their home now the indoor season is coming near!