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Forest Fever

Do you remember the joy and that peaceful feeling when going for a stroll through the forest on a lovely autumn day? Getting some fresh air and picking up pine cones to use as decoration. But what about bringing this forest cosiness indoors?

Transform your store and inspire your customers with products that are so contagious, everybody can get caught by the forest fever.

There are several plants that scream forest when you look at them. You won’t hesitate when you see a Platycerium why its nickname is staghorn-fern. With its long, dark green leaves, it is a green copy of a stag’s antlers. Another example can be easily mistaken for a bird: the fresh green branches of the Asparagus look a lot like wings full of feathers. And what’s a forest without conifers? Where an Araucaria could grow up to 60 meter in the wild, they stay small indoors as a house plant. A lovely addition for an indoor forest!

During autumn you see loads of berry-bearing shrubs in the forest. So what’s a better ingredient for an autumn bouquet than a berry-bearing cut flower, like the elegant Hypericum? Or a branch with robust rose hips, which appear after the rose bush is done flowering. Another essential that you will directly associate with a forest is leaves. But instead of wandering on the ground they are a great addition to a vase. The Quercus ilex, Quercus rubra and the Quercus palustris are look-a-likes of the leaves you will spot in an autumn forest.

There are loads of other products that could recreate a forest, scroll down to see all of them.