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Gift an Ogreen Clean Machine

Are you looking for an original and sustainable gift as a ‘thankyou’ for a nice collaboration with relations, partners or employees? Surprise them with an Ogreen Clean Machine!

Make it unique with a personal message or a personalized pot. That way, everybody will remember from whom they got their green roommate!

At Ogreen, they call their plants ‘Clean Machines’, because they really are. The air-purifying plants absorb volatile substances (from cleaning products, nail polish and printers, among others) with their leaves, improving the air quality in the room. However, there are many green houseplants that are claimed to be air-purifying, but at Ogreen, only plants that score outstanding in scientific tests for purifying air are allowed to call themselves a Clean Machine.

Plants have a positive impact on productivity and creativity. They also improve the concentration, reduce stress and give you pleasant feeling. It almost sounds too good to be true, but hundreds of scientific studies have proven it to be so. With the Ogreen Clean Machines, you bring the power of nature indoors in no time. So a perfect gift for the people you like to see at their most productive, creative, but most of all healthy!


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