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A floral Christmas

Once a hint of winter is in the air, we start fantasying about pine trees and decorating the house. While trees are usually filled with thousand lights and baubles, let’s make this Christmas a floral one!

Like a not-so-traditional-Christmas-tree made of fresh or dried flowers (e.g. Ilex and pampas grass) or - if your customers rather stick with a pine tree - inspire them to use fresh and waxed flowers as decoration (e.g. asparagus, roses, phalaenopsis). But to make it even more floral: decorate the fireplace or dining table with a stunning garland! 

A hanging garland will make the guests spot the Christmas dinner table from far away. There are tons of options to make this eyecatcher, for instance with straight Ilex branches covered with colourful berries. Simply wrap the Ilex (in whatever colour you like) around a rope that is spanned across the room, let your creativity flow and connect baubles, ribbons or even jars filled with flowers wherever you like. Or would you rather have something more exceptional? Pick out the finest amaryllises, make a hole in the stem carefully, string them and hang the garland above the table. Looking clean and awesome! 

And don’t forget the chimney! Garlands on the chimney will give a warm and cozy feeling. Like a garland made with a base of different types of pine, birch catkin twigs, dried hydrangeas, ilex berries and pink peppercorns. If this is a bit too exuberant for your customers, there is the subtle but elegant swagged garland, entirely made of berried eucalyptus. With these floral creations, this Christmas promises to be a romantic one!