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The Christmas rose – Hellebore

Its nickname ‘the Christmas rose’ might be confusing, because the Hellebore hardly has anything in common with a rose. But if you look closely to the flower bud you will see similarities with its real relative: the Ranunculus.

Besides the typical white version, the Hellebore is available in various bright colours, ranging from yellow and peach to dark purple. So when there is hardly any colour during the winter season: bright up the place with the Hellebore!

A treasure for every winter garden 

To prevent the dark months from getting dreary, people could to plant their garden cleverly. The Hellebore is a great ingredient to light up the winter garden, thanks to its showy flowers. Between November and March the plant will show large, flat flowers with a beautiful crown in the middle. Snow or frost is no challenge for the Hellebore: the plant might droop during the colder moments, but it will lift itself back up once the temperature rises. This way your customers can still enjoy their garden in the winter, while enjoying the comfort and warmth from being indoors. 

A holy ingredient for a bouquet

The religious story goes that the first Christmas Rose appeared in Bethlehem from the tears of a poor shepherd. When he had no gift for baby Jesus, he cried and a Christmas Rose appeared out of his tears from the ground. Whether you believe this story or not, nobody can’t deny that the Helleborus gives a magical touch to a wintery bouquet. 

The hellebore is also perfect to bright up a winter bridal bouquet. Many see the limited availability of colourful flowers during the winter as a disadvantage for a winter wedding, but the Hellebore is a perfect flower, since it is available in a wide variety of colours and because its extreme romantic and delicate character. The right fit for a day as special as that! 


So whether your customer is looking for a flower or plant to bring some colour into the space, our assortment of Hellebores will provide the essential colour during the bleakest, darkest months of the year!