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Let it snow

The days are getting shorter, which means Christmas is right around the corner. So let’s peak to see what’s trendy during this Christmas season. There is one beautiful thing we tend to associate with Christmas: snow. Therefor we created an assortment that’s full of snowy items, because what’s not to love about them?

Many of us share the imagination that the perfect Christmas should be a white one. However, the reality does not always align with our desires, as the weather cannot be controlled. Yet you can let it snow inside. With the Abies nobilis Paraffine, a snowed Hippeastrum and Echeveria you show your customers that it’s possible to recreate the North pole indoors. Finish it with snowy pinecones and hedgehogs, and our beloved Santa Clause will directly feel at home! With bouquets you can create the same illusion. Snowed brassica’s, snow-white roses and lilies will ensure that your customers don’t have to long for snow this winter and have a white Christmas either way.

Have a white Christmas with all of our snowy items! Check out the assortment here.