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Add a dose of character

Is your customer looking for something unique, stunning and yet colourful? Than he or she will love our assortment of variegated plants. These plants have multicoloured leaves with striped, blotched or bordered pattern. With these characteristic plants you will definitely bring some contrast in the indoor jungle.

The word ‘variegated’ is derived from the Latin word ‘variegatus’, which means: made of various sorts or colours. Most of the variegated plants have one base colour, mostly green, plus an accent colour. This combination accidentally resulted because of a genetic mistake, but is now enormously popular worldwide. Especially since every plant is truly unique, like a human fingerprint! Some varieties of variegated plants are highly sought-after and valuable, because of their rarity or unique looks. Some are even seen as a collector’s item and in some countries having it displays social status.  

But luckily there are also plenty of showstoppers that are affordable. Such as the variegated plants with shades of green, yellow and white that make them look lavish. Like the Philodendron Birkin, Epipremnum aureum, Calathea orbifolia or all the popular Monstera varieties. These plants will spice things up visually! But there are also variegated plants with darker accent colours, like black and purple. For example the Rattlesnake plant, the Tradescantia zebrinao and the Crinkle Leaf Begonia. The latter doesn’t necessarily look like variegated plant at first glance, but when you look closely you will see shades of deep purple or a maroon hue. However when a place could rather use a touch of pink or red than we’ve got the perfect candidate: the red Aglaonema or the Stromanthe Triosta. With plants like these you leave everyone in a awe!

So when your customer loves some colour in their house, then advise them one of these variegated beauties that bear vibrant tones on their leaves year-round. See our collection underneath.