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What’s your birth flower?

Everybody is familiar with zodiac signs, but did you know that next to birthstones everyone has a birth flower? Every month has one or two specific flowers, that says a lot about the person’s character.

Most flowers have a pretty surprising meaning, so besides a pleasant read, this could be the perfect guide for your customers to pick a gift for their significant other, family or friends!


January – Carnation & Galanthus

Visiting a birthday in January: go for a carnation! But pick the right colour: pink states affection, red means you love him or her. Or choose Galanthus bulbs. Also known as Snowdrops, that have lovely, delicate flowers that represents hope and beauty. Not an unusual choice for this month, since these two do well during the winter!


February – Iris

While you might think that a rose is the official birth flower of February, it’s actually the Iris. The flower symbolizes faithfulness, wisdom and hope. So someone who is born in February is often honest, wise and innocent, which makes them great company! 






March – Narcissus 

When someone is born in March, the right flower is the narcissus. In March the spring begins, so it might not be a surprise that this is this month’s birth flower. This small sunshine symbolizes good fortune and pride. This means that people born in March are usually happy and optimistic people, wonderful to be around. 




April – Daisy & Lathyrus

April provides us with beautiful flowers. Such as a Daisies, a flower that signifies innocence, loyalty and purity, which will get a smile on the birthday boy or girl’s face for sure. Or surprise them with sweet peas (Lathyrus), that represents blissful pleasure. With these as birth flowers there is a great chance that people born in this month are sweet, kind and loyal.


May - Lily of the valley & Hawthorn

In the month that’s famous for its wide availability of flowers, it’s no surprise that the birth flowers are spectacular! Like the ‘Lily of the valley’, which symbolizes sweetness, modesty and ‘a return to happiness’. Partly because its sweet scent and delicate flowers. The other birth flower is the hawthorn, this flower wishes the recipient hope and supreme happiness.



June - Rose & Honeysuckle

It’s all about roses in June. When born in June you can brag about having one of many people’s favourite flower as your birth flower. But when you gift it, pay attention to the colour: as pink roses mark perfect happiness and red means ‘I love you’. Avoid yellow, as it marks jealousy. Or choose the honeysuckle, as it represents ‘everlasting bonds of love’. Both birth flowers to be proud of!


July - Delphinium

If someone is born in July, consider giving Delphinium. This birth flower shows ‘strong bonds of love’ and is associated with positivity, frankness and elegance. This makes it a perfect flower to bright up someone’s day! Make sure to keep them around, since people born in July are full of love. 






August - Gladiolus & Poppy

When born in August poppies or gladiolus are the right fit, both extremely popular at the end of the summer. These flowers are available in loads of colours that can be interpreted in different ways. In general the gladiolus is known for its strong character and integrity, just like people born in August!





September - Aster & Morning glory

The birth flowers of September are all about spreading love! Asters means powerful love, faith and positivity, while the morning glory states affection for someone close. The Aster will steal the show in every bouquet with its beautiful and graceful appearance, especially when the autumn is about to kick in. Perfect gift in September!





October - Marigold & Cosmos

Nothing spooky about the birth flower of October: marigolds and cosmos. The marigold is a strong flower that states creativity, firmness and warmth. Cosmos tells the recipient that you want them to experience harmony and serenity. So when your birthday is in October, we can assume you are passionate, hard-working and driven. 





November - Chrysanthemum

November got assigned one of the world’s most admired flowers: the Chrysanthemum. In general this flower is a sign for friendship, happiness and love. A flower that’s available in many colours, all with a different meaning, so be sure to pick the one with the right message. A bouquet with chrysanthemums will absolutely bring luck and pleasure indoors during the short, dark days. 


December - Ilex

Branches of Ilex are not only associated with the holiday season, but it’s also the birth flower of December. Even though it is not a real flower, with its dark green leaves and colourful berries she’s got a festive appearance. As a gift you want the birthday boy or girl to experience good fortune, peace and happiness. Therefor the Ilex is perfect in bouquets for a birthday in December!



Save this blog for later, inspire you customers with these fun facts & make them pick the right birth flower.