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Honey Highway

Bees are about to extinct and the consequences are much worse than many of us realize. Bees are responsible for the pollination of 80% of our vegetables, fruits, nuts and herbs. This simply means: no bees, no healthy nutrition. Sounds harsh, but unfortunately it’s true. That’s why ‘Honey Highway’ has been initiated and of course we wanted to support this great project!

Although bees do so much for us, we do little in return and even drive them to extinction. Nowadays, there are almost no wild flowers and there is hardly any biodiversity, on which the bee’s main food source depends. Therefore Honey Highway aims to transform industrial areas, roadsides and wasteland in the Netherlands into a bees paradise. Together with entrepreneurs, companies and government agencies they initiate and realize bee parks covered with low-maintenance flowers, perennials, shrubs and trees. This way, bees will hopefully find enough food at the end of summer to survive in the winter.

During the summer you might think everything is blooming wildly, but when you look closely you will see that most of the surfaces are mainly covered with grass. However, all these grasses are a threat to our bees, so we all should take our responsibility and invest in biodiversity. This is exactly what we, and several other flower- and trade companies of Trade Parc Westland did. Together with Honey Highway, we planted a bee park on the common ground with a surface of 9,000 m2 covered with shrubs and perennials and another 5,000 m2 has been sown with 50 kinds of indigenous flower seeds. This promises to be a sea of flowers, which bees, bumblebees, and also butterflies and birds will certainly love!

Would you like to know more about the Honey Highway project? Check out their website