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Medinilla - A tropical beauty

Besides its graceful leaves, this beauty got amazing flowers that look like large pastel coloured bells. Once these magic bells open up, a bunch of pink flowers appear.

While the Medinilla used to have an old-fashioned identity, it now has become the perfect addition to every (romantic) interior. It even obtained the nickname: the Rolls-Royce among houseplants.

Nowadays, we live in a society that is constantly on the move. Our brain is over-stimulated by our surroundings. Therefore, people crave for a place which feels like an inner retreat, a space where you can escape from societal pressure. The Medinilla ensures a serene feeling, a natural cure to destress and recharge. It gives you an energetic and creative boost, something people seek.

The Medinilla on its own is already spectacular, but it’s even more astonishing once you plant it in a hanging planter or put it on a pilar. By doing this, you create a piece of art and you give the plant room to grow and hang freely. A necessity, since its leaves can grow over 30 cm. 

To enjoy the flowering period of 3 to 5 months to the fullest, you should get them sooner than later! It gives you an early taste of the sunny destinations you might visit during the upcoming holiday season. To ensure the plant’s health, give it the right spot with enough sunlight, but be careful, they will burn when it’s too much, just like humans. While normally the advice is to turn the plant weekly, this plant rather stays in the same spot. Especially, don’t move it when the buds are starting to emerge! 

It is important that you tell your customer about the plant’s habits. The Medinilla shows its wants and needs clearly. For instance, when the leaves are hanging, the plant is thirsty. This damage can easily be reversed, with simply responding to its needs. A little water works wonders! 

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