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Digital Lavender

Fresh and tender at the same time, optimistic and, above all, cool: Digital Lavender is the colour we are all craving. It is the go-to colour for 2023, and so this soft violet hue will inevitable play a major role. It is a pastel purple shade that expresses two contrasting emotions and brings both together in perfect harmony: cheerfulness and calmness.

It is neither blue nor pink, cool nor warm, overtly sweet nor masculine; indeed, it is all of the above. Purple stimulates our creativity and imagination, but with its cool character, this hue also represents serenity. And whereas lavender itself evokes a sense of calm and peace, Digital Lavender has a slightly spacey, virtual edge to it. Hence the name, to evoke associations with digital escapism. The more time we spend staring at our screens, the stronger our need for relaxation and well-being becomes. This is why this colour is, most of all, one that connects: fantasy with reality, the digital with the physical world, and reason with feeling.

Digital Lavender is the new colour inspiration. We can already see it everywhere on catwalks and red carpets, but also as hair colour, wall paint and for furniture. All the more reason to add flowers and plants in this soft shade of purple to that list. This calm colour is perfect for combining with other shades, so mix and match with flowers, plants and pots in other colours.


Get inspired by this trend and add Digital Lavender-coloured products to your store.