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Sunshine in a flower bunch

During the dark winter months, we all crave a hint of cheerfulness in our homes. This is when Mimosa always comes the rescue. A gorgeous, sweet flower that brings the sun into your home! And by way of a bonus, this flower brings a wonderful fragrance as well.

Mimosa is the perfect ingredient if one of your clients wants to offer a bouquet with positive 'vibes' as a gift. Its bright yellow tiny spheres are reminiscent of sunshine and summer, but they also symbolise respect, elegance and kindness. Then again, who says you always need to give away all beautiful things? Why not treat yourself to this lovely bunch of sunshine? Who could argue against treating yourself... 

 Did you know that a lovely bunch of Mimosa works as a kind of natural antidepressant? A cloud of these tiny yellow flowers will instantly put a smile on anyone's face. So, if any of your clients could use a boost, advise them to buy a bunch of this lovely Mimosa. It comes with a healthy dose of 'Philautia', also known as self-love. This is the kind of love that means you accept yourself with all your imperfections, stand up for yourself and understand yourself. And what better complements this idea than a bright yellow bouquet of Mimosa, daffodils, ranunculus and roses? A real Philautia bouquet, bursting with charm.

We all seem to automatically love the name Mimosa, and with good reason. The drink with the same name – a mix of champagne and orange juice – tastes delicious and is just as fresh and yellow in colour. So when you think about it, with Mimosa you can toast life every day! If you also want to fill your shop with a healthy dose of sunshine, check out our Mimosa assortment.