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Create a ‘living wall’ with climbing vines

Vertical gardening sounds like a modern term, but wall climbing vines have been doing the same thing for years. Especially in smaller, urban gardens or on balconies, a green wall can make all the difference. It’s a simple, natural way to add a little bit of wild nature to your outdoor space.

As a natural border, easy living wall or just a nice green touch, climbing vines can be used for many different reasons. Some will climb up by themselves, others might need a little bit of help. The hedera, or common ivy, is a popular self-clinging climber. Evergreen and easy to care for, and the large-leafed variety is perfect for creating a natural fence. Wisteria is the best option for anyone who wants some dramatic colour in the backyard. A climbing rose will need some love and attention, but is worth the effort once the flowers start to show. In autumn, the Parthenocissus is a real show-stopper.

'What goes up must come down'. This saying, although admittedly with a complete different meaning, goes for climbing plants as well. Plants that can climb up, can also grow down. Useful, especially if you don’t have any walls available for them to climb on. Adding a climbing vine to a hanging pot or basket is a fun alternative: a real plant or flower waterfall!


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