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The art of growing

Highlands Potplants has specialized in the production of Agapanthus AmouretteĀ® for many years. They also have the broad-leaved Agapanthus Big in their range. The Agapanthus Amourette SuperbĀ® is a self-selected Agapanthus they are proud of.

Besides Agapanthus, they also have Leucojum, Portulaca and various bedding plants in trays in their range.

As of January 1st 2023, the company has expanded with two young entrepreneurs, so that the future of Highlands Potplants is also guaranteed and consumers can enjoy our Agapanthus Amourette SuperbĀ® for a long time to come.

Agapanthus, popularly known as the Lovely Flower, is not only grown with love, it also produces beautiful large flowers. The Amourette guarantees high ornamental value in any garden.

With great passion and enthusiasm, they pursue to grow their products responsibly every day. Through their own propagation of plant material in Kenya and in-house selection program, Highlands Potplants strives for the best possible product. To realize trade requests, they aim for personal contact with their customers. 

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