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Qualily - Optimal flowering guaranteed

Qualily is an innovative lily grower for the entire range of high-quality lilies. Orientals, LAs and OTs of the best quality are grown all year round at 5 locations in Westland (The Netherlands).

The company was founded in 2000 from the collaboration of two passionate lily growers Raymond Vijverberg and Ruud van der Hoeven. By sticking to the core values of quality, reliability, service and continuity, Qualily has grown from 12,000 m2 to 120,000 m2.

Through strict selection of bulbs, uniform cultivation and harvesting at the exact right ripeness, Qualily is able to offer a flowering guarantee. In addition, the company has an efficient distribution process with a hub at Flora Holland Flower Auction, so that customers and consumers can efficiently be provided with the very best service and quality.

Litouwen & Brindisi

"We have been growing this white, odorless Litouwen lily for 12 years at Qualily and are very satisfied with the quality!", says Ruud van der Hoeven, responsible for bulb purchasing at Qualily. "Litouwen is a very reliable variety with the striking characteristic that the flower is very large when it has finished flowering. Due to the good quality and reliability, we are able to offer this variety daily at the auction."

Qualily has been cultivating the pink odorless lily Brindisi for over 20 years. Ruud: “This is one of our most beautiful and strongest lilies. Brindisi is very suitable for florists because of the heavy branches and heavy leaves, in addition, this soft pastel color can also be used beautifully in bouquets. The Brindisi always beats her other pink 'competitors'. There is simply no other lily that can match the beauty and sturdiness of Brindisi!”

Both lilies have an excellent vase life. Brindisi and Lithuania are extremely suitable for transport and have a flowering guarantee of 10 days. This quality is a requirement for Qualily: "We do a strict pre-selection of new varieties and critically examine all properties; for example, we conduct tests during each season to see how it performs all year round. Only when the variety meets all expectations, we go on with it!" Ruud explains.

View Qualily's range of lilies below.