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Ode to peonies

From tattoos to paintings and even alternative medicine, peonies are loved in every corner of the world. With her delicate, pale petals, the flower is a perfect match with the current vintage trends. Time to get to know this piece of floral art!

Fascinating from start to finish
Peonies are a fascinating flower to behold, from the very beginnings to the end. The plump, eager flower bud seems to be constantly on the verge of bursting, and once it does, our patience is rewarded with an explosion of colourful, silky soft petals that cheer up any bouquet. Even when the flower starts hanging its head, the wilted petals make for a lovely, dramatic spectacle.

Limited edition

Peonies are a typical spring product and there are about 80 different varieties. More than enough to choose something special each year! Because peonies are extravagant enough by themselves, they don’t need much styling. A simple vase, or even just an empty glass bottle, is enough to make this flower pop.