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Elegant Scabiosa

The romantic, sweet scent of the Scabiosa is reminiscent of the warm feeling of the very first summer day. But not only her aroma makes this an attractive flower, also her striking appearance and medicinal effect make her a real treasure of nature.

Flower cloud

What makes Scabiosa so special is the delicate appearance of its petals, which resemble a dancing cloud of colour. The coloured flowers consist of individual small flowers, each individually encased in a bract. This is what gives the Scabiosa its unique appearance. Due to its fragile shape, this beauty is often associated with tenderness and vulnerability. With colour shades from red to pink, purple and blue, there is a suitable variety for every mood.

Medicinal effect

This flower is not only a natural beauty, it is also regularly seen as a herbal medicine. In Roman times, the Scabiosa was used as a remedy for skin conditions, rubbing the flower on irritated skin, providing relief. Nowadays, an essential oil is made from the Scabiosa, which is used in aromatherapy. This precious oil has a range of benefits; for example, it can help against migraines and promotes relaxation. Scabiosa is a valuable addition to physical and emotional well-being. 

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