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Botanical inkwork

Tattoos are thousands of years old. Even in prehistoric times, people walked around with tattoos and decorations on the body have also been found on mummies of the ancient Egyptians. They are often used as decoration, but because of religious beliefs or for identification as well.

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine modern-day life without tattoos, and we see more and more flowers and plants inked on the body as well.

A jewel for the body 
Flowers and plants are not only regularly used as inspiration for art, but we often see this reflected in tattoos as well. From a subtle line illustration of a Monstera leaf and a detailed lotus flower to a simple four-leaf clover and a colourful floral sleeve - everything is possible in this form of art. Flower and plant tattoos are popular, especially because the organic shapes perfectly accentuate the human body. For example, a fern leaf can nicely follow the lines of the ribs and a flower can emphasize the shape of the upper arm. There are endless options for decorating the body. 



Tattoos can also evoke a certain memory. A plant or flower that is reminiscent of a person or event, making someone want to carry this with them forever. For example, many sailors used to have a tattoo of a rose with a banner containing a name, as a reminder of their mother or loved one. Nowadays, this tattoo is still very popular. But sometimes people have body memories that they would rather want to cover up, and that is also possible with a tattoo. For instance, old scars can be disguised by placing a blooming decoration over them. Another reason to get a tattoo is the loss of a dear family member. For example, an orchid can remind you of your grandmother who always had these plants in the window frame. A memory is something personal, just like a tattoo can be.


Floral symbolism

The symbolism behind a plant or flower is another reason for many people to choose a floral tattoo. Some kind of secret message, the meaning of which only you know, such as the plant or flower that symbolizes your zodiac sign or birth month. Or maybe you got an olive branch tattoo, which symbolizes victory, to end a difficult period in your life. But even a tattoo of a tree can contain a meaning. The leaves that fall from the tree and regrow each year represent growth and rebirth, which can symbolize the ups and downs of someone’s life.



Tattoos are living works of art that allow you to express your love for plants and flowers on the body. Do you have one as well?