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Plant World – It’s here to discover

Explore the world of Plant World, the place to discover strong, unique tropical houseplants, Hydrangea and hardy palms. You can regularly expect new varieties and innovative concepts from this nursery, born from the cooperation between Van der Arend Tropical Plantcenter, JoGrow and Smit Kwekerijen.

Magical Begonia

Begonia Magic Colours has been a new product line within Plant World since early 2023. The rex begonias stand out with its colors and differences in the leaves (pointed and rounded leaves). The plant has regained much popularity since recent years. After years, the leaf begonia has regained a modern image and is a very popular houseplant, especially in autumn. The wide assortment is available in pot sizes 8.5 cm and 12 cm and are known for their full and compact growth habit.

Cute hanging plants

Have you heard of the hanging plant concept Adorable little plants? These adorable little hanging plants are perfect for any space. The stander with 6 to 7 different varieties of green hanging plants in pot size 10.5 cm presents great in any retail space. The hanging plants come with an eye-catching label in 4 trendy colors. The recognizable design is also reflected on the sign on top of the stander. 


The sought after Syngonium is available from Plant World in many colors and leaf designs. Did you know that Plant World has a beautiful mix of Syngonium available year round?

The team at Plant World is always looking for new varieties, so there is a wide assortment that keeps renewing. Discover Plant World's surprising range now!