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Moon phase gardening

It is a well-known fact that the moon affects the tides of the sea. But the idea that the moon affects the height of the groundwater and therefore the growth of plants is still a moot point.

Because although the fact that the ‘moon phase gardening theory’ has been used for as long as humans have been growing their own food and some still swear by it, it has never been scientifically proven. Nevertheless, we delved deeper into this theory and figured out the best way to garden according to the position of the moon.

New moon to full moon (earth exhales)
During this period, groundwater is drawn to the earth's surface and energy goes up into the plant. This is the right time to plant seeds and new greenery and to graft trees. It is also the right time to prune, as the increase in moonlight boosts the growth and recovery of garden plants. As a result, you will see that the garden is in full bloom, especially during these days.

Full moon
It is better to do nothing during the full moon. Let the plants rest on this day. Optionally, medicinal plants and herbs can be picked during the full moon, as they will have the most powerful effect at this time.

Full moon to new moon (earth inhales)
At this stage, the groundwater is pulled down and the energy flows to the roots. This makes it the perfect time to plant root and tuber crops such as potatoes, carrots and onions. This is also the best period to harvest vegetable plants and fruit trees and to mow lawns. Additionally, if you want to slow down growth and destroy weeds to make sure they won't come back, use these days to prune foliage.

New moon
On the day of the new moon, the garden is also in a resting phase. However, for us there is work to be done on this day: improve the soil by adding fertiliser and do some shovelling. This will prepare the garden for the next phase and it allows the plants to absorb the best energy possible.

Although the moon phase gardening theory has not been proven, there is no harm in giving it a try. Who knows, maybe the moon has more influence on the earth than we think.