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A flower journey to South Africa

Of course, we all know South Africa for its jungle safaris, the delicious wine and Cape Town. But did you know that South Africa has the most diverse plant and flower habitat in the world?

More than 9,000 varieties grow and flourish within a small region of South Africa alone. Will you join us for a tour of our very own Big 5 of flowers?  


This South African beauty has pride of place on this list because the king protea (Protea cynaroides) is the national flower of South Africa. Over there, it is affectionately known as king sugar bush. thanks to the sap excreted by the flower, which tastes like sugar. 



This flowering plant grows as a shrub, with each branch pointing straight up to soak up as much sunlight as possible. Leucadendron is famous for its bright colours and sturdy leaves.



Originally, this exotic pincushion used to grow along the rocky slopes on the southwest coast of the Cape of Good Hope.


With its delightful colour and delicate petals, this flower is also called 'The pride of Franschhoek', after the valley in South Africa that is the native habitat of this plant.


Cape Greens
This is the collective name for several South African greenery products. This cut foliage only grows in the area around the southern tip of South Africa, Cape Town.

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