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Have a ‘holly’ Christmas – Ilex

Santa Claus, a big red and white stocking on the fireplace, a pine tree covered in lights and balls, and Ilex arrangements – all Christmas classics! Did you know that the Ilex, also known as holly, has been a Christmas symbol for ages? Even longer than Santa himself!

There is no Christmas without berries. With its vibrant character of shiny, spiny, dark green foliage and bright red berries, it is no wonder people instantly associate the Ilex with the holidays. But how do you prevent the Ilex from getting doll and standard? Create a festively look by decorating the Christmas dinner table with Ilexes, make a natural but still unique wreath or take a new slant on Christmas traditions by going for a colourful Ilex for a sweet, candy-coloured Christmas. Because besides the typical red Ilex, they are available in other surprising colours like orange and salmon pink, and there are even dyed ones in metallic colours to get into the festive mood! 

Whatever arrangement you will create with the holly, it will definitely boost the Christmas spirit! So check all the varieties in our assortment underneath.’