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The effect of ton sur ton

This French term is being used more and more, but what does it actually mean? 'Ton sur ton' literally translates to 'colour on colour’. With this method, one primary colour is chosen as a base and applied in various shades.

Fashion designers frequently use this on the catwalk and in their collections, and it has also become a well-known trend in interior styling.

Colours influence our performance, emotions, and behavior. This effect can therefore also be put to good use in our workplace, such as a home office. For remote workers to be guaranteed of productive working days, a green ton sur ton theme is the solution. This fresh colour provides a sense of security and stimulates growth. It also reduces stress and ensures better focus, win-win! 

Another advantage of a green colour palette is that you can add almost any plants you like. Create a combination of green tones by placing a bright green Kentia palm next to a silver-green Alocasia Silver Dragon, for example. Also give each plant a cheerful green pot, and you'll truly capture the complete ton sur ton feeling. 

By the way, plants not only contribute to a stylish decor but also have an impact on how we feel, just like colors. Thanks to the increased humidity provided by plants, we can concentrate better and improve our productivity. Plants also bring a fresh look, calmness, and serenity, enough reason to choose for the green ton sur ton theme!

Enhance work performance by adding a touch of paint and plants to the home office. If green isn't quite your color, consider orange, which is inspiring, or pink, which encourages empathy.