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A Fachjan plant for everyone

Fachjan is a family business that specialises in growing a diverse range of tropical and subtropical plants. At four different locations in the Westland region of the Netherlands, with a total surface area of 110,000 m², plants are grown with heights ranging from 10 centimetres to 10 metres.

From garden centres and hardware stores to interior landscaping, shopping centres and large tropical halls, there is a Fachjan plant for everyone.


Quality and sustainability are very important for Fachjan. Their headquarters, for example, is heated with geothermal heat and solar panels on the roof of the barn supply to meet the electricity demand. The use of chemical crop protection agents has been greatly reduced and replaced by biological alternatives. Every year, Fachjan has its CO2 footprint calculated from supplier to delivery and offsets this by planting bamboo in Uganda with the Bamboo Village Uganda Project. Doing so directly contributes to a greener planet and Fachjan has been CO2 neutral for more than 5 years now. In addition, Fachjan is testing new ways to reduce the percentage of peat in the substrate to further reduce its environmental impact and they are testing to replace the existing moss sticks with sustainable alternatives.