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Surprising, responsible and familiar

HL Hogervorst is a flower bulb nursery and forcer in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. They use the bulbs they expertly produce to force bulbs-in-pot in-house. As a result, they know exactly what quality they offer.

HL Hogervorst's motto is "surprising, responsible and familiar": with the assistance of the experienced and motivated team, they make sure that their motto becomes reality.

High Quality

With Home & Garden Beauties, they offer a broad range of high-quality bulbs. HL Hogervorst uses the very best varieties for bulb-in-pot, like those in the hyacinth Pearl series. These bulbs are skilfully cultivated. After an annual process of planting, lifting, selection and treatment, the bulbs are ready for potting after 3 to 4 years. Thanks to this meticulous process, HL Hogervorst can offer their flowering guarantee.

All plants are produced with respect for people and the environment. Indeed, the use of crop protection products, fertilisers, water, energy and waste is recorded and minimised wherever possible.



This year again, HL Hogervorst has some nice new creations in the arrangements and new offerings for daffodil, muscari and tulip. For example, Muscari Mix 9cm, consisting of 3 or 4 types of Muscari in 1 tray. One of them is Muscari Emmy. This blue Muscari, whose calyxes have white edges, has a long, full bunch. Soon in the flowering phase, a white tuft will bloom at the top. Daffodil Josina and Adriana are beautiful, richly flowering daffodils with a medium-sized flower. A 9cm pot immediately produces a "vase" of flowers.

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