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Fun Hydrangea facts

Everyone knows Hydrangea. After all, this cheerful bloom is difficult to ignore, with all its bright colours and unusual shapes. But what do you actually know about this popular plant? We figured it was high time to take a closer look!

We have listed a few fun facts so that you always have something interesting to tell your customer about this plant. 

  • Hydrangea has its origins in Asia and America. In Japan, Hydrangea serrata is used to make a sweet tea that is used for a ceremony on Buddha’s birthday. 
  • When the plant was first brought to Europe, it was thought to be have magic powers, as it sometimes changed colour for no apparent reason. Now we know that this happens because of the acidity of the soil. 
  • Hydrangeas are easy to care for and like to be watered often. A funny coincidence, because when botanist Grovonius had to think of a name for the plant in 1739, he decided on Hydrangea, which is a combination between ‘hydro’ (water) and ‘angeion’ (jug). He thought the plant looked like an old water jug. 
  • Pink Hydrangea are very popular in Asia as well. They are seen as a symbol of love.