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Mediterranean inspiration

Everyone who goes on holiday likes to bring home a souvenir in order to hold onto the memory of that special moment forever. Mediterranean plants draw you into the characteristic Mediterranean feeling using scent, colour and taste to keep the holiday experience alive. There are three Mediterranean styles: Colourful sunsets, Tasteful souvenirs and Fragrant fields.

Colourful sunsets

The beauty of a colourful sunset reminds us that even though good things must come to an end, the memories will always stay with us.

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Tasteful souvenirs

The taste of fresh local products treated with care and passion. Tempting fruit and inspiring ingredients: our very own culinary souvenirs. 

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Fragrant fields

Meadows of lavender, an evening walk filled with sage and thyme. The scents of flowering herbs allow us to take a moment of silent reflection. 

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Whether the sun is shining or it’s cloudy, the plants from the Mediterranean collection range give you an immediate holiday feeling. Browse our Mediterranean collection of citrus trees, olive trees and lavendel.