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Grow like a pro

Pligt Professionals, the growers of Dolc'Amore, offer a broad range of products year-round: from an opulence of roses and real begonia flower bombs to autumn's crowning glory: Princettia. All these gems promise enrichment in anyone's interior and are available in large volumes.

Pligt Professionals selects all its varieties based on strong genetics, elegant details and a unique look. The cultivation specialists use their skills to let the plants thrive and bloom; sustainably and with respect for people and the environment.

The heart

Pligt Professionals is the company behind the love brand of Dolc'Amore. They are a family business with more than 100 years of cultivation experience. With three modern nurseries, they are among the top in Europe when it comes to progressive, innovative and CSR growing. They hold several quality labels, including MPS-A, MPS-GAP, MPS-SQ and PlanetProof and they comply with the Groen Label Kas (Green Label Greenhouse) standards. For Pligt Professionals, CSR simply means doing business in an honest and humane way; for people as well as the environment/climate. Down to earth, but with passion.



Gert and Arjan van der Pligt are at the heart of Pligt Professionals. They share a passion for using their Dolc'Amore gems to transform any home into a place where people can unwind and feel at ease.

Nothing makes Gert van der Pligt happier than walking among the plants in the greenhouses. Sustainability is on Gert's mind every day. He tackles challenges head-on and is continuously innovating the business, bringing a sustainable future ever closer. And when all of the above results in top quality, his day is made. "The loving smile after someone gifts or receives a Dolc'Amore gives us a warm feeling every day. That's what we do it for," Gert says proudly. "That is why Dolc'Amore plants are stunning flowers with a golden edging."

Arjan likes nothing better than being among people. With his sociable and approachable nature, he tries to bring out the gold in every employee. "Each person within our company adds something unique. It is very important to us to go for great results together, as a team. When a beautiful batch leaves the export room in the afternoon, on its way to happy consumers, I feel so very proud of our people who have prepared the flowers with care and love!"