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OK Plant - Colourful in every season

OK Plant strives to be a trendsetting grower of green and flowering plants and wants to meet customer expectations. They go to the extremes; for instance, they combine plants with in-house developed decorative pots to match the latest home and decoration trends.

They also offer total marketing and sales solutions by, among other things, developing distinctive and user-friendly product displays. With their lifestyle brand Kolibri Company, they create a pleasant atmosphere at home with orchids and green plants.

Behind the brand

At the heart of Kolibri Company are Rob and Desiree Olsthoorn, owners of OK Plant. They share the passion to transform every home into a place where you can unwind and feel comfortable. A family business with more than 30 years of experience in creating sophisticated and flamboyant plants, mainly orchids, that naturally enrich the living environment.

Like the hummingbird and the orchid make each other better, Kolibri Company's products and services are the result of a successful cross-pollination between orchids, matching green plants and home accessories, enriching interiors naturally. Get inspired at the Kolibri showroom in Naaldwijk, the Netherlands, where you can experience this boundless beauty for yourself.


OK Plant has long known that nature has a lot to offer. Not only in the form of striking orchids and plants that excel in appearance, but also through the inner beauty they have to offer.

In their nurseries they grow premium orchids and green plants, selected on the basis of refined details and unique appearance. With craftsmanship, they produce eco-friendly and socially responsible products to the highest possible level. The sustainability labels (MPS SQ, MPS GAP, MPS A+, MPS Product Proof ) are proof of this. This is how they allow the plants to grow and bloom; sustainable with respect for people and the environment.


Check out Kolibri Company’s range of products below.