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Colourful gardens

Taste is a personal thing and there is no right or wrong. This also applies to the design of the garden, if it makes you happy, then it's right for you. Although a garden without a clear design can be very cosy, a well-thought-out colour theme provides a lot of space and atmosphere.

Don't just limit yourself to a beautiful style indoors, but also take it outside with these five trends.

Exotic carnival
Is that organized chaos exactly what you want? Then go wild with flowering plants in bright colours. For example, combine purple dahlias with orange chrysanthemums and pink gerberas for a festive garden. You can never go wrong with this trend, except by adding too little colour. Combine with some cheerful lights and bold accessories and the carnival vibe is complete.

Royal blue
Take your garden to a higher level with shades of blue. Muscari, lavender, campanula; the bluer the better! Also don't forget to neatly trim a low-growing hedge into shape to create a truly royal garden. Top it all off with a beautiful wisteria pergola or a fence with clematis, and you’ll never want to leave the garden ever again.

Summer in the air
Bring the sweltering sun into the garden with warm tones like terracotta, beige and caramel. The combination of these earth tones with green plants gives the garden a real Mediterranean vibe, making you feel like you're on holiday in your own garden. By adding an accent colour like pink or orange with, for example, a Mandevilla, you are ready for summer.

Accentuate green
By adding light colours to the garden, green is accentuated. For this trend, put green plants in large light gray pots and place cream-coloured cushions on the sofa. If you really want to shake things up, paint the fence white and let ivy grow on it. By using light colours, the garden will also appear more spacious, win-win!

Ton sur ton
Do you have a favourite colour you can't get enough of? Then dive into the ton sur ton trend, choosing one colour and applying it in nuances to all elements of your garden. For example, if you love yellow, choose Forsythia and daffodils, combined with yellow garden cushions. This way you create a colourful garden without going overboard.