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Mandevilla, the flowering climber

Meet the Mandevilla! This exotic climber, native to the tropics of Central and South America, happily wraps itself around anything within its range. Whether it is a fence or a drainpipe, the Mandevilla is not fussy and adapts easily. The perfect garden companion if you ask us.

Help nature
Anyone who has a Mandevilla in their garden automatically gives nature a helping hand. This cheerful climber is a great favourite among butterflies and bees. So you will not only enjoy the Mandevilla for months on end, but also all the flying visitors who come to take a look at the wonderfully scented flowers. Something that we can also enjoy ourselves, of course!

Green fence
The Mandevilla can grow up to 4 meters long in the open ground, ideal for creating a green fence. But this plant will also grow well in pots on the balcony. The shoots grow quickly and are easy to guide thanks to their flexibility. Place a few pots next to each other so that they will grow between the bars of the balcony and you can enjoy your privacy.


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