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Leo van der Harg B.V. - Not the biggest, but the best

Leo van der Harg B.V. is a family business which grows Kordana potroses since 1997. In January 2021, two sons of Leo van der Harg (Wouter & Pieter), took over the company, they are the 3rd generation.

Leo van der Harg B.V. is focused on producing the best possible quality potroses, they do everything what’s needed to achieve this goal!

Leo van der Harg B.V. grows approximately 5.5 million pot roses annually on an area of 3.6 hectares in a very modern and automated nursery. There is production all year round, with the peak in the spring.

The potroses are cut twice before they are grown to full size, this leads to more flowers and crop. The material that comes from the 1st cutting is donated to the zoo of Rotterdam (Blijdorp). They use it to feed the giraffes, monkeys, zebras and okapis. The material of the 2nd cutting is used to make new plants. This is done by a rose cutting machine which can produce over 1000 plants an hour.

The assortment is divided into Classic Kordana and Grande Kordana varieties, all in 10.5 cm pot. Leo van der Harg B.V. also produces a few bicolor potroses and the Quattrose, a unique potrose with 4 different colours.

Besides that, the company also produces 21 cm pots, that are made of 3 Classic 10.5cm Kordana’s. The Grande Kordana distinguishes itself with big flowers. The flowers of the Classic Kordana are smaller but the plant has an extraordinary amount of flowers.