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Maarel Orchids - Heart for orchids

In the heart of the Westland, Maarel Orchids grows 25 varieties of twelve centimeter Phalaenopsis with an average of two branches and sixteen flowers. Their strength lies in that sharp focus.

This is how they grow uniform, large batches of pot orchids with consistent quality that retailers can rely on. They achieve this by working fully automated and sustainably.

Maarel Orchids has appointed Angela Mutters – van der Maarel as General Manager since February 2024, daughter of Arno and José van der Maarel. This puts the van der Maarel family back at the helm and the company now exists for 45 years.

Working as sustainably as possible, from packaging to crop protection products, is one of their main motivations. Maarel Orchids recycles raw materials, generates its own energy and is sustainably certified. In addition, they continue to increase sustainability by switching to LED lighting, solar panels, connecting to the geothermal heat network and aiming for a maximum circular production process. In this way they work on sustainable shelves for their customers.


“What we do now has consequences for later”
This is reflected in everything, for example, the Maarel Orchids trays are made of recycled plastic, the labels are made of wood fibers and they also have the FSC quality mark. So they do not choose the cheapest packaging materials, but here too they make balanced choices.

As a progressive grower of Phalaenopsis, Maarel Orchids has various certifications. From grower to consumer; they want everyone in the chain to be able to enjoy their Phalaenopsis responsibly.