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Having a ball in summer

It's very unexpected to see a member of the onion family grow into a spectacular blooming ball of tiny flowers! Still, this ornamental onion, or Allium, will make you happy.

Some species and varieties are rather modest, while others make a big statement in a vase. What's more, they will flower for a long time. Or endlessly, even, if dried after flowering. You will only notice they are part of the onion family if you happen to damage the stem. Suddenly you will smell that typical onion smell. Therefore, immediately submerge them in water after cutting the stems at an angle.

Onions have lots of superstition value. The more strong-smelling varieties were especially popular to keep out disaster, diseases and witches. A braided strand of dried onions with their foliage was used to keep all this evil at bay. Allium victorialis stood for invulnerability and victory. The Egyptians often depicted onions on graves because the layers of the onion symbolised eternity.

If you are in a decorative mood, then give ornamental onions a try!