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Amigo Plant – Growing Through Green Happiness

What started as an innocent passion for succulents grew into a professional family business in 2005: Amigo Plant. Today, the van Langen family's company spans over 20 hectares and has various locations in Heerhugowaard and Portugal with Echeveria, Crassula, Haworthia, Aloe, and Peperomia.

Running the family business is not something they do alone; they do it together with an experienced team of about 120 employees. Because of the versatility of the company (breeding, logistics, administration, technology, sales), every employee is empowered to work to their strengths.

Amigo Plant's mission goes beyond just developing, cultivating, and trading succulents. They strive  to ensure a stable and happy future for their entrepreneurs and employees. The motto that drives them? Growing through 'green happiness'.

This company strongly values innovation in product development. They are always looking for stronger, more beautiful and more durable products. Of course this starts with breeding: this is where Amigo Plant's new varieties are developed and selections are made for the future. Among other things, in-house breeding has created the popular Medivera®: the compact sister of the Aloe Vera. In 2016, the ambitious project to develop a superior variant of the Aloe Vera began. After intensive research and breeding, the first prototype of the Aloe Medivera® was introduced in 2019. This plant is distinguished by its stability, transport efficiency and improved adaptability to different light conditions, making it suitable for various environments. After a long period of propagation, this plant is now available!


For many years, Amigo Plant and Noviflora have worked closely together. This relationship allows Noviflora to be the first to test new innovations and varieties. As a result, Noviflora's high-end customers have access to the most exclusive varieties and brands. This collaboration not only strengthens the position of both companies in the market, but also ensures that customers can enjoy unique and high quality plants that born from a shared passion for innovation and quality.