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Hydrangea: the bouquet superstar!

Dive into a world of floral inspiration with the hydrangea. Its special shape and impressive volume give a unique twist to the bouquets, with the hydrangea stealing the show. Get inspired by these designs - from simple arrangements to exotic shapes - and complete them with your own touch.

Round & round we go

The trendiest interior design trends are currently flooded with round, organic shapes, where the hydrangea fits perfectly. By adding other bulbous flowers alongside the hydrangea gives a bouquet a playful and cheerful look. Create vibrant bouquets by combining hydrangeas with other flowers, such as Allium, Papaver, Craspedia or Echinops. Place it in a vase with round shapes, and the look is complete!

Exotic shapes

Fancy a tropical party on the table? Hydrangeas are suitable for that too! Choose one or more colourful hydrangeas in combination with exotic flowers in unique shapes, such as Gloriosa, Phalaenopsis and Anigosanthos. The bright colours enhance each other and by finishing it off with cut foliage, the bouquet looks like it has come straight from a tropical paradise. This party on a table puts a smile on everyone's face.

Natural beauty 

The beauty of the hydrangea is accentuated by its soft colours and fragile petals. Natural colours and materials are trendy and this flower fits in like no other. Combine hydrangeas in white, green or soft pink with delicate flowers such as Astilbe or Achillea, and grasses like Asparagus or Panicum. This will give it an airy look and draws all attention to the voluminous hydrangea, as if you’re gazing at a big, soft cloud.