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The scent of summer

As soon as you take a step out the door, you’ll immediately smell it: it is summer! Memories of bare feet, long summer evenings and lounging on a beach towel bubble up, and we instantly feel like spending time outdoors again. Do you also want to bring these sunny scents into the garden? Then you have come to the right place with these plants.

The characteristic scent of lavender is indispensable in the garden. Every time you walk past lavender or whenever you water the plants outside, your nose gets tickled again. But not only the amazing perfume makes this plant a true asset to the garden; the deep colour of the flowers also adds a beautiful accent to the outdoor space.

When you say summer, you say Stephanotis. This natural air freshener boasts one of the most fragrant flowers in the world, hence its nickname 'Fleur Parfum'. Naturally growing as a kind of flowering vine, Stephanotis joyfully swings and sways, wafting a touch of sultry summer scent into the garden.

Climbing Rose
This classic beauty thrives in any garden. For centuries, the rose has been known for its abundant blooms and heavenly scent, which varies from one variety to another. Because roses were cultivated for appearance rather than fragrance for some time, it is important to choose the right rose to fully appreciate its aroma.

Jasmine’s nickname, 'Queen of the Night,' comes from its scent that is strongest after sunset. This aroma is immensely popular and is frequently used in perfumes. Want to ensure a good night's sleep? Then take a stroll in the garden before bedtime; the fragrance of the flowers is soothing and calming.

Place the fragrant plants in areas of the garden that you often pass by to stimulate your senses. By grouping multiple aromatic plants together, you can create a beautifully layered effect; a unique perfume in your own garden. View our entire range of fragrant garden plants below.