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Zentoo – Crazy about Chrysanthemums

Zentoo is an association and a brand, founded in 2007. It is a group of fifteen passionate chrysanthemum growers and colleagues, who put in full effort every day to grow the best flowers. They all have their own greenhouse, but they share their knowledge and sales under one brand name: Zentoo.

Their common goal is to make everyone as crazy about chrysanthemums as they are. Oh, and one more goal is to create the best European quality brand of chrysanthemums, making the choice for quality and colourful variety easy for customers.

Unprecedented wide range
Zentoo’s webshop offers an incredibly wide range of colours and varieties of chrysanthemums: santini, disbud and spray. Each season is unique, and so is the selection of their chrysanthemums, as Zentoo is always up for something new. That’s why they launch a new collection twice a year, featuring the best newcomers, seasonal specials and varieties they grow year-round. This year’s spring-summer collection ‘Happy Days’ is an inspiring mix of pastel shades and vivid hues like coral, purple and green. Curious about what’s new? This season, they are celebrating with newcomers such as Playtime, Bluff, and Commander Pink.

Sustainable? Of course!

Growing flowers with passion and not working sustainably is not an option at Zentoo. They do work sustainably, of course! Together, they manage to raise the bar higher every year for their three sustainable pillars: less impact, reduce waste and healthy people. Every day, they are looking for innovative, smart ways to reduce their impact. This year, the company is focusing on organic pest control, sustainable soil management, insect mesh and collecting more production data. There is plenty to investigate, but they are on top of it!