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Our company

The heart of our business is our Westland-based family company, currently led by the second generation of plant enthusiasts: Xander van Reisen and Hendrico de Brabander. Together with a team of motivated employees and talented product specialists, we're ready to help you get the most out of your business.

Local markets
In the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland and Denmark, we know the markets like the back of our hand and consider ourselves locals. In these markets, we can offer our customers easy access to a large assortment of plants and flowers with a balanced mix between Dutch, local and international products.

International business
Doing business internationally can be complicated, thanks to foreign currencies, import restrictions, logistical challenges and language barriers. Whenever these challenges come up, we excel. We can speak the languages and thanks to 45 years of experiences, we’ve faced just about every problem there is to face. And you get to benefit from that.

From greenhouse to cash register
Innovation is at the heart of our business. Our dream is to digitalise the entire chain from greenhouse to cash register by using our e-commerce solutions for professional florists and our smart category management system for larger retailers. Noviflora plays a leading role in industry innovation by digitalising information in the chain in a smart and efficient way.

Noviflora is one of the 40 most innovative companies in the horticultural sector. This means that we are one of the 40 most attractive companies to work because of our innovative power, development opportunities for employees and that we have an attractive business culture.