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The art of the right product
There are a lot of people selling plants and flowers these days, but there are only a few who really understand the art of offering the exact right range of products. Noviflora combines the right products at the right time in the right amounts, offering a collection that matches the attitude of your brand and the desires of your target audience.

How does our Category Management service work for retailers?
With our smart Category Management system, we let data and market knowledge decide the best shelf placement for your store, letting you generate the most revenue per square meter. We believe in the power of data and have developed a system that analyses the optimal performance of your store. Thanks to sales data, the system can calculate the most advantageous shelf placement, shown through 3D animations of the lay-out in your store. Additionally, we would be happy to support and guide your employees and are always willing to start new partnerships to share the responsibility for a successful turnover.

Double-digit growth
Our self-learning system aims for maximum profits: we strive for double-digit growth, every single year.

Benefits for retailers:

  • Higher sales
  • Less revenue loss
  • Higher rate of return
  • We do the work for you

Curious to know more?
Mark-Jan Terwindt can tell you everything you need to know.