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Ogreen helps you live a healthy and vital life. The Ogreen plants, known as Ogreen Clean Machines, have all been thoroughly tested and proven to clean at least 10m2 of air in your home, school or office.

Much like outdoor plants, Ogreen plants absorb harmful toxins from the air we breathe. Created by everyday products like nail polish or cleaning supplies, volatile organic compounds float around our well-insulated homes with nowhere to go, and can have negative consequences for your health. One Ogreen Clean Machine can clean up to 30m2 of air, improving indoor air quality whilst creating a pleasant green indoor environment.    


For years, studies have shown that indoor plants can drastically improve quality of life. Being surrounded by greenery encourages creativity, improves concentration, reduces noise pollution, and evokes a general sense of wellness.

Ogreen plants come from sustainable growers and are shipped in biodegradable packaging.

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