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Colourful disbudded chrysanthemums: irresistibly enchanting

Looking for the absolutely perfect way to announce that autumn has arrived? The colourful disbudded chrysanthemum is a great remedy for a gloomy day.

Its enchanting petals and strikingly large flowers make the stylish disbudded chrysanthemum a joy to behold. As a stunning focal point in a large natural bouquet made up of many different kinds of flowers, or simply placed in a tall narrow vase: the disbudded chrysanthemum will always be a work of art to admire.

The name chrysanthemum was derived from the Greek words chrusos (meaning 'gold') and anthemom (meaning ‘flower’). Originally, the chrysanthemum was only known as a yellow flower by people in Western civilisations. Fortunately, we can now enjoy many varieties, of which the disbudded chrysanthemum is without a doubt one of the most striking ones. From deep red to salmon pink and from spider to pompom types - the extensive colour palette as well as the wide range of flower shapes make this luxurious flower a special addition to any room. 

In China, the chrysanthemum symbolises friendship, happiness and longevity, and in Japan it has been crowned the country’s national flower. It makes a wonderful floral gift for a loved one, or for those who can use an extra glimmer of hope during the last days of summer themselves.