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Let it snow, let it shine

The days are getting shorter, which means Christmas is right around the corner. So let’s peak to see what is trendy during this Christmas season.

There are two things we tend to associate with Christmas: shining lights and snow. That is why we combined them and created an assortment which reflects upon these two things. Who doesn’t love shiny and snowy items? 

Many of us share the imagination that the perfect Christmas should be a white one. However, the reality does not always align with our desires, as the weather forecast is not predictable. Yet you can let it snow inside. For instance, with the Abies nobilis Paraffine or the snowed Hippeastrum, you do not have to long for snow this winter and have a white Christmas either way. 

Despite the festive vibes surrounding the holidays, the upcoming months might be dark. The days are getting shorter while the nights are getting longer. Lights can bright up these short days and create a cozy atmosphere. Therefore, the shining Tillandsia or the lightened Phalaenopsis are not only perfect for the holidays, but for all the winter months. 

So bright up your shop!