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A green master piece

In today’s troubled ecosystem, the focus relies on helping out our beloved Mother Nature. Not only by living eco-friendly, but also by greening any space we possibly can, but in a trendy way of course! Moss art has many possibilities and the designs we have seen so far are absolutely breath taking.

Green designs give the space an earthly and natural charm. But besides their fashionable looks, the green colour and overall appearance hold many benefits which can’t be ignored. It boosts productivity and concentration, improves memory, decreases fatigue, and even freshens the air. Team them up with some plants, and the result is a green refuge.

There is plenty of moss to choose from when you create a moss wall art decoration: different forms, sizes, textures and colours. This gives the opportunity to create an one-of-a-kind design. Unleash your creativity, decide on the form and assemble the moss how you fancy. Or take the easier way and choose for a premade design. The options are endless to make a wall look fabulous! 

For sure that any green art piece will bring some life into the wall. Whatever moss design you want to create, we’ve got everything you are looking for in our assortment.