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Forever Plants – smart, innovative and sustainable

An innovative and happy family business, where in the most smart and sustainable way plants are being grown and cultures come together.

Over 30 years Forever Plants has been specialized in producing tropical plants. Their passion lies here, because plants help their meet our goal: making the world healthier and happier.

Call it crazy, but they believe it’s possible. Forever Plants believes in working in an innovative way. They were one of the first to work with the - now - renowned Walking Plants System. They are drilling for geothermal heat, so they can heat up the greenhouses in the most sustainable way. This grower believes in the power of sharing knowledge. That’s why they let students think with them on how to work even smarter.

This grower believes that it is good for the well-being of colleagues to let them think along about the organization on a broader level, instead of limiting them to just their own jobs. But above all, they believe in durability. Together they go all out for the most healthy possible future. Together we are stronger.